Weekly Goals 2016 – Week 5

 Make a Weekly Meal Plan.  I have been off the hook for most dinners this week again, either due to my husbands work schedule, our plans to go out to eat, or family dinners that have popped up. I am not complaining about having to cook less at all and I have very minimal grocery shopping trips which is nice.

Try Two New Recipes Each Week.  My husband and I both love Chinese food and so I am always on the lookout for new recipes to try and this was amazing.  The kale was a little odd to me at first when I read the recipe but it was so yummy.  I could easily eat this on its own or if you like extra protein then just sear up a piece of salmon to serve with it.  There are some folks in my husbands family with lots of food allergies, so I always try and keep my eye out for dessert recipes that I can make to accommodate.  These cookies fit the bill and were a big hit.  In my opinion, they were a little crumbly but that didn’t seem to bother anyone and since they were quite healthy I didn’t feel bad about eating some for breakfast.

Waste Less Food.  I had a good week and don’t have any food waste to report which I am very happy about.

Make Bed Daily.  This might be one of my worst goals out of everything.  I am thinking that some new bedding might help motivate me to make the bed and as an added bonus it will go towards my decorating goal as well.

Read 52 books.  So I know I am behind the curve in reading this book but better late than never.  I enjoyed the book although it wasn’t one of my all time favorites.  Perhaps next I will get around to watching the movie that came out based on the book.

Focus on decorating the house.  We ordered new flooring for the kitchen area of our house.  It should be in soon and my husband can start on knocking out laying down the flooring.

Donate unused items.  I have several boxes of stuff waiting to be donated.  My plan is to get them out of the house this weekend when the weather is supposed to warm up a little bit.

How has your week been?


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